Small world

For some reason, Australians have been turning up in McLeod Ganj in droves for the last four or so weeks. I walked by the Tong Ling school one day past a group of 10 or so westerners. I didnt think too much about it until i heard one of them asking if anyone knew where they could buy vegemite in town. A bit later, I found out that they were all students from the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne and were in town for two or so weeks doing some volunteer work in association with a subject. After four months or not meeting a single Australian, here were a veritable mob.

Anyway, since then, I’ve been meeting a fair number of Australians. Of course, I dont have the accent but to the credit of all of my fellow travelers, none have batted an eyelid when I’ve said I’m from Melbourne and none have asked me where I was really from or where I was born. I usually volunteer the information pretty quickly anyway as I know that people are generally interested as I’m hard to place.

I’ve also bumped into a friend of a friends from the trance scene in Melbourne. I couldnt quite recognise her but she recognised me and it was nice chatting. It made me think about the trance parties, the general crew that turns up to those events. It made me think about my friends in Melbourne and the people i had started meeting through that scene. It made me miss the good bits and it made me want to go home for Rainbow next year.

PS: For those interested, you cant get Vegemite in McLeod Ganj but you can buy Marmite.

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