Two years of blogging

My first entry in this blog was on the 30th June 2006. That’s not quite two years ago but since I’ll probably forget to write on that actual date, I thought i’d put down a few words about it while I am thinking about it.

In spite of the stuff I’ve got up on the “about this blog” page, I am still not really sure why i write this. SG sometimes jokes about how she has to read my blog to find out how I am actually feeling which might say a bit about our relationship given how emotionally sparse my blog is.

But i think she has hit on a part of the truth there. The VS Naipul book I was reading said something about how he had to write to organise his memories and to make sense about what has happened, to clear the decks so to speak. And this is true for me even if I do not write as much as I want to or as often as I would like or even as unrestricted as I occasionally wish to (this being a reasonably public medium after all).

However, I wouldnt say that writing this blog actually clears the deck. Rather, it unclutters it somewhat, enough for me to negotiate around for a couple more days.

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