Cooking with gas

I’ve started cooking again here in McLeod Ganj. The bedsit we are in has a double burner gas stove,  a kitchen bench and a sink. No fridge and a minimal of utensils but with SG’s camping stove pots, it’s enough and I have been enjoying it especially seeing as SG is doing the cleaning.

The markets here are actually pretty good. Most of them are road-side stalls with the produce spread on the ground. They pack everything in paperbags made out of newspapers which is great considering the rubbish problem they have here.

To my surprise the quality of the produce is very high in spite of the sometimes shrivelled up look of the vegies. The tomatoes are all vine-ripened and taste amazing, the eggplant and okra are likewise full of flavour. Most of the vegies here in India due to their farming practices must have that organic produce taste but the spices of indian cooking completely hides it.

It’s relatively cheap as well although of course being a falang, i probably get higher prices (averaging about 20 rupees a kilo for most vegies). A good size meal costs around 15 rupees (45 cents) each with almost half of the cost being for the rice which at 40 rupees a kilo is at Australian price levels for rice. I might move to buying potatoes as they are also really good.

Anyway, it’s nice cooking and having lunch on the balcony looking at pine trees and the mountains is a bonus.

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