Reading and writing

I was browsing through some of the bookshops here in McLeod Ganj when I happened on a couple of books that reminded me of the heights a writer can achieve. The writers were Gehta Meta and VS Naipul. Besides being of Indian in origin and having written about India, they dont really have much in common. But they are inspiring to read not.

They reminded me that writing is not just what you do when you sit down and go over the events of the day trying to wring some content out of it but something that you do all the time. It is about observation and participation, it is about constantly thinking about what is happening while at the same time noting it down. It might even be about having an authorial voice that just keeps going on in one’s head.

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m ready to do that kind of writing. But I will buy those books,  “India – a million mutinies now” by VS Naipul and “Karma Cola” by Gehta Meta.

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