Maybe it’s the case that you make your own reality but i’ve found myself in another IT support / trouble shooting role with a volunteer organisation. It’s not too bad and it is pretty low grade sort of work and most importantly it sems to be appreciated in the way that most end-users appreciate IT support but I do wonder how it happened and what i can do to break myself out of it. I dont want to end up in Africa with an NGO doing IT support after all even if that is probably where i can immediately add value.

Hanging out with an english guy here has sort of opened my eyes a bit as to how to possibly do this. He has a good idea of where he wants to take his work path, the kind of things he wants to do and he looks for opportunities that fit it.

So what is it that I want to do? Once again, i find myself limited by my knowledge of what i can do, what i have done. Cleaning viruses off computers and fixing network connectivity problems is certainly not it. Trying to solve user information and data requirements is a bit closer. Managing the implementation of a information system for an NGO is closer to it but then, if i do that then i’m back where i started.

I’m thinking now that I should just bite the bullet and just jump out of IT entirely into something, anything. There are english teaching classes I could take and so I’m thinking of fronting up for that. The next trip after all, is going to be in China and teaching English is probably what i will end up doing.

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