The Tibetan Situation

It’s too easy to look at the juggernaut of the new Chinese empire and wonder what can actually be done about Tibet. The transmigration policy has seen millions of han chinese move into Tibet and the myth of historical Chinese sovereignty seems an indissoluble part of the Chinese psyche. An autonomous Tibet never mind a free Tibet seems as likely as China relinquishing its claim on Taiwan.

But sitting in the Karna Nirvana Cafe in McLeod Ganj, listening to a couple of nuns talk about their truly horrible experiences in the Chinese prison system, i found myself wishing the impossible could happen. The vastly unjust and evil punishments visited on the two women for their small protests first against cultural repression and then later against the inhuman prison conditions can only be described as outrageous.

Even after 6 years, the trauma is still evident in their faces and as they speak, the pain and grief shows, the women clearly at times reliving their experiences. It made it harrowing to listen to but nowhere near as much as it must have been to tell, an ordeal they’ve put themselves through because they believed it would do some good, make a difference.

I wish I shared that belief. But i guess they are the reason why i am writing this and for what it’s worth, here’s another blog about the terrible things being done in Tibet by the Chinese government.

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