those ogling indian men

it’s a common problem that most western female travellars in India would recognise. it’s even written up in the lonely planet guide as one of those annoyances that women will have to put up with in India. i only see it second-hand and granted, i only have a few SE Asian countries to compare it to but it is pretty bad in India, actually, that’s being nice – the ogling is terrible in India.  It seems that it doesnt really matter where you are or what you’re doing, odds are there’ll be an indian guy or a small group of indian men pretty much staring with their mouths slightly open and sometimes moving closer for a better view.

Most of it while coming across as slightly threathening is actually harmless (or at least that’s what I’ve been told) so even though it is often SG they are staring at, i actually feel kinda sorry for them. I mean, what is it with that?  The theory going so far is that western women represent female sexually liberated lifestyles that these kind of Indian men can only dream of. Combined with the fetishisation of pale skin, the exoticisation of ethnic whiteness and sexual conditioning from internet pornography, this makes pretty much every white woman a walking talking sex bomb goddess type.

It all sounds good but I think it’s just an excuse for extremely poor emotional self-control combined with a basic disregard for women. The thing that gets me is the sheer numbers of men who behave like this. I dont like over-generalising but it’s actually quite difficult to avoid making generalisations about the cultural attitude of Indian men when it seems that every second or third guy has problems with their behaviour towards western women.

Guys, listen up – there is something wrong not with those slatternly western women types flaunting themselves in clothing that exposes their knees and elbows but with you. And worse still, it’s really undignified and very embarrassing to witness. Geeze.


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