a short interlude of disgust

Now that i’ve gotten used to avoiding potholes, open drains, piles of rubbish, discarded food, fruit peel, cow manure, human mucus, pools of urine, quantities of paan stained saliva and other unidentifiable refuse all of which make up much of India’s streets, I have discovered that when it rains very heavily, all of the above when mixed by traffic with sewerage overflow turns into a thick brown sludge.

I left my old waterproof leather boots in Chiangmai and bought a pair of sandals because the sole was pretty much gone on the boots, the leather was in poor condition and they were as hot as hell to wear and heavy too. Sitting in a cafe with what feels and smells like baby poo slowly caking between my toes, I am sincerely regretting that decision. In fact, I am regretting coming to India.

I know that this will pass when I remember to wear my sneakers out next time it looks like rain but at the moment I am feeling a quite visceral hatred for the whole big mess.

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