Too much to buy

I often wish I was on a buying trip here in India. For that I would need to be on a journey with a foreseeable end. I would also need a nice house to tastefully display everything in and a life to come back to. Both of those are in doubt or at least the career part of my Australia life is.

Still, if I was to indulge in a buying spree, I would buy too many fabrics – wall hangings, shawls and just about any old piece of material that catches my eye – although what i would do with all of them i dont know; sculptures especially some of the metal tribal works and ornate tibetan buddha images; some India miniature paintings even if there are many that are poorly made and it would be an effort to sift through them; a couple or maybe more of the inlaid marble pieces even if the floral designs do tend to bore after awhile; glass beads in all their garish glory; painted wooden toys that are really not for children and maybe some of the very fine silver jewelry that i am beginning to see around the place even if SG has a better eye for them.

Looking at some of the shops here and thinking about some of the Ishkar like shops I have seen in Australia, I begin to understand the attractions of owning one. You get to travel around buying beautiful things and writing it off your income, you get to look at the things while you sit around your shop planning the next trip, you get to share your appreciation with other people of like mind, you get to expand your knowledge of how things are made and gradually refine your taste and you might even make a bit of money in the process.

It’s a nice fantasy.

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