Photos updated on Flickr finally

Khajuraho temple detail

Originally uploaded by jonckher

Except the photos for the last month are in backward sequence with the last of the Bangkok temple photos being first. What with the inability for me to sequence photos on Flickr (or maybe i just havent found out how to do that) and its 200 photo limit, i’m thinking of shifting to another photo site.

Anyway, Flickr now has:

  • the last photos from Thailand which now feels so far away with many of the details fading especially names of places
  • the Jain temple pilgrimage mainly of the outsides as i didnt feel like i should take photos of interiors
  • some streetscapes of Dhanbad, Gaya – two very poor towns in Jharkand and Bihar although you wouldnt know it from the photos
  • some rather lacklustre photos from Bodhgaya except for some of the misguided tourists giving food to beggers
  • a few shots of Varanasi and one of SG in a saree
  • lots of temple photos from Orccha and Khajuraho including one of a carving of a man having sex with a horse which is probably on every tourist’s website out there but is worth replicating anyway as i think that may be one of the reasons behind the site’s world heritage status.

Hmm, actually most of what i’ve taken seem a little boring to me, a little impersonal. For those of you who know SG’s facebook account and who read this, I suggest checking out her photos. They are much nicer.

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