Laid low in Varanasi

I’ve been badly food poisoned once before in Laos when i ate a fermented meat product i bought off the street and which I think should have been cooked first. This is pretty much a no-no on every single count so i probably deserved it. This time in Varanasi I think it was an egg roll i bought off the street which was cooked fresh and hot in front of me but which had salad.

I’m not certain if it was the eggroll though because my symptoms are the same as that of SG and she started being sick a day earlier and also because whatever it was, the whole guesthouse seemed to have it. Pretty much every night for nearly four nights, there were a couple of different new people throwing up noisily. So we think it could have been a virus.

Whatever it was, it laid me low for four or so days and came with a fever, joint and muscle ache, back pain, nausea and of course “loose bowel movements” – a nice enough euphemism for what is onomatopoeicly called “cirit-birit” in Bahasa Malaysia.

I’m up and about now, I’m slowly starting to eat more than one meal a day and my energy levels feels like its coming back up again but the whole travel thing, especially the whole travel thing in India has not yet regained its shine. The annoyances are so much worse when one is sick.

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