Kolkata and beyond

I havent really had the time to process the last few days since arriving in Kolkata so this entry is going to summarise the last few days with a few short notes.

After staying a couple of nights in Kolkata, we met a couple of wonderfully hospitable Kolkatan university students who invited us to visit a Jain pilgrimage site with them located in mountains 600 or so kilometre from Kolkata. The site is devoted primarily to the Jain tirthankar Mahavira and we spent a day climbing up the mountains to the temples covering around 27 kilometers in the process.

I have at least a couple of entries to write: one about Kolkata and one about my experiences in the Jain temples. The poverty, crowding, noise, traffic and pollution of the portions of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkand I have seen at this point will take another entry.

I would have liked to have spent more time in Kolkata but the opportunity was too good to pass up and it seemed to early to start backtracking. The Indian Musuem there is impressive and there are a couple of art galleries i would have liked to visit and now we also have a couple of new friends there.

Currently however, we are on the way to Bodhgaya where we hope to spend a longish time. Time for me to think and meditate, read and write.

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