Sunset at a Chiang Mai wat

Sunset at a Chiang Mai wat

Originally uploaded by jonckher

I havent uploaded my photos in awhile but got inspired tonight mainly because i am tired and dont feel like hanging out in a bar or going to bed quite yet.

The photo is from a Chiang Mai wat whose name i cant remember now. It is out of town, about a kilometre west of the west gate and I got there around sunset when most of the tourists had left and the only people there were a few brothers cycling about, a couple of falangs talking to the monks and a group of retiree japanese armed with two heavy SLR cameras each taking photos of everything (including yours truly on the sly).

I wondered why there were not more people there watching the sun set on the gold covered stupa and the light reflecting off it onto the white arches but it made it quieter for me and afterwards, I found it hard to believe that the temple was so close to the road. There are a few more photos of that temple and also some from the Chiang Mai flower festival.

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