India in three weeks

Our primary objective of coming to Bangkok has been achieved. I managed to obtain tickets from Bangkok to Calcutta for around 3500 baht each (inclusive of all taxes) for the 14th of February. This is roughly AUD$120 which is a pretty good deal and one which I got in the Khao San area in a very small travel agency (recommended to us by a seasoned thailand traveller) run by a couple of Sikhs who speak fluent English and Thai.

The other thing was to get an Indian tourist visa and this we have at least applied for, again ignoring the visa application services on offer from travel agencies and going directly to the Indian Embassy. Interestingly enough, they have outsourced their visa application services and so we found ourselves having to pay 2600 baht for a visa application with 500 of that being to the service provider – so it wasnt that much of a savings in the end.

Still, we dont need to turn up until the 12 or 13th of February to collect our visa and we get to keep our passports while our visa application is being processed. Which means that we could, if we chose to, head into Cambodia in the remaining three weeks we have.

I find myself feeling quite sad to leave Thailand. The 5 weeks I’ve spent here has only shown me how much there is in this country, how beautiful it is, how rich and diverse the culture is and a glimpse of the depths of its peoples.

Still three weeks is a long time and we may keep Angkor Wat for another time, spending most of it in Northeast Thailand.

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