Spending time when there’s lots of it

One of the good things about being at Ko Tarotao is that the people who end up staying longer are after something more than the average backpacker and it is easier to spot them. Of course, just as soon as we got to know them well enough to form a deeper connection, it was time to say goodbye. Four days isn’t that long really but it was enough for me to feel sad waving goodbye to some of the small group that had coalesced on the beach here.

It made me think about the friends I have in Melbourne, how long it had taken me to find them and how precious they are to me. It made me feel that I should be emailing a bit more as well instead of spending most of my time writing blog entries – a very one way form of communication.

I don’t really know what I spend my time on really. I’m not doing much reading or writing. In a city or town, a lot of it seems to involve looking for some place to eat and then eating. There’s a fair amount of wandering around aimlessly. At the beach in Penang and here in Ko Tarotao, a fair amount has been chatting to people at the café or lying around at the beach going for swims, doing a bit of gentle yoga and maybe walking along the beach now and then. I suspect that I spend a lot of time just staring out at the ocean.

I could spend another week doing whatever it is I do during the day at Ko Tarotao but one of our new friends gave us some valuable information about a good Vipassana place north of Surat Thani and the 10 day course starts on 31st December. SG is keen to go as am I even though a part of me remembering how difficult the last Vipassana was and how long the 10 days semed is not so much nervous as tense as if preparing for an ordeal.

Nevertheless, I cannot think of a better way of spending new year in Thailand.

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