Quick update

I just updated my blog with the last few entries and realised that what with being offline most of the time, sudden posts of many entries can be confusing as to exactly when everything occured.

The last few posts about Pulau Penang and Ko Tarotao took place in between 17 Dec 2007 to 29 Dec 2007 .

I’ve just spent the last 12 days from 31 Dec to 11 January at Suan Mokh monastery on a ten day meditation retreat. Yeap, another course of Vipassana for me (and SG came too). Lots happened there so expect a lot of Buddhist propaganda in my next few posts. SG is worried that I’m going to cut off my dreads, renounce the world and take up the robes. There were times when I dreamed about it a bit too: Suan Mokh was established by Buddhadasa, an atheist buddhist and the monastery is an atheist buddhist monastery.

Anyway, happy new year to everybody. We’re heading off to Ko Tao for the next week or so. SG will scuba dive, I will meditate.

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