Last day on the beach

Ko Tarotao Beach

Originally uploaded by jonckher

The only problem with our camping setup is that the tent is too small for too people. It makes a roomy one person tent but with two in the tropics, it turns a sauna at night only letting up in the early morning. Sand flies and mosquitoes makes sleeping with the tent open unpleasant and the couple of people who’d come through wantig to sleep on the beach have found hoardes of land crabs scuttling over them on their nightly routine.

But all of this is forgotten in the morning when the ocean is calm and the water even clearer than usual. This morning, I got up and floated around for an hour watching my hands glide under the surface, watching the silken ripples of my wake. The sea and sky are all shades of crystalline green and blue. The surf is so gentle that it is like swimming in a lake. Nobody else seems to be up yet so I have the whole beach to myself.

I’m writing this now under the shade of a pine tree and several boatloads of people have come and gone already. A small group of thai boys have setup a couple of tents close by and a couple of thai families have done the same further down the beach. I haven’t really had much to do with the thais, the language barrier is there but many speak a little english. I could make an effort but I feel little inclination to make that effort or any effort at all.

I could stay another week looking out at the ocean and feeling the warm salty sea breeze on my skin.

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