A quick detour to the rainforest

In spite of the reports of massive flooding in the east coast states, under SG’s urgings, we decided to head to Taman Negara, the rain forested national park in the middle of the Malaysian peninsular. The east coast’s monsoon seasons roughly coresponds to Australia’s top end and is as fierce. A portion of the road to Kuala Tahan, the main accomodation area and gateway to the park, had been washed away the day before and the local van we caught was stranded for a couple of hours while road crews dumped more soil and stones to build up the road again.

When we finally got to Kuala Tahan amidst pouring rain, the whole town was blacked out including the major hotels – only the massive and very expensive resort across the river within the national park was lit.

It wasn’t the most promising of beginnings.

But the next day, the sky cleared, the electricity came back on and for the remainder of our short stay there, it remained dry and we pretty much got to do everything we wanted to (check out the photos in my flickr account).

It only started raining in the last half hour of our two hour boat ride down the swollen Tembeling river back to a town. Even though i’d spent much of the journey out moaning about floods, mobs of leeches, completely washed out parks and being trapped amidst it all for days on end, SG very generously did not rub it in.

One thought on “A quick detour to the rainforest

  1. This year is gone but it had also made us a little strong.
    The path was long but we walked it with a song
    There were fears and tears but we also had some reasons for cheers
    Wishing you and your family a blessed new year



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