2.5 weeks in

and i’m looking out the window at 6am over the skyline of singapore and wondering what it is all about. After 2 weeks recuperating from work and renovations in Brisbane and doing nothing more than eat too much and sit around, my stress levels have gone back to normal, assisted greatly by the fact that I no longer have to face two of the main stressors ever again.

The only thing that my life holds for me until money runs out is where to find a good cheap eating place and where to wander to in the next day or ten. Rather than being an idyllic prospect, this is instead looking quite meaningless. Not that my life in Melbourne was chock full of meaning either – it just had enough urgent matters in it that it took up all my energies.

The last time I travelled, the solution I’d found to the restlessness that comes from the do nothing but wander around meaninglessly and look at stuff problem was to move on. I moved on too quickly and didn’t give many places a chance or at least more than just a couple of days. I regretted that after I stopped travelling and vowed not to repeat the same mistake the next time.

Well, it is the next time now and I’m looking out the window at Singapore and thinking it’s easier said than done. OK, it is Singapore and it has a reputation for being sterile and boring – but the last couple of days of wandering around has shown me that there is actually quite a lot happening under the surface. And I am especially interested in the paradox of wealth, reletive inequality and discontent in this model city, this socially engineered free market paradise.

But the restlessness is still here ticking along under it all, pushing me to project a lot of expectations on India. – making me want to go there now and hence miss out on much of what is happening on the way.

Writing helps this. It makes me think and organise, it makes me curious and look things up (oh for ubiquitous wifi!) but most of all it takes up time – it makes me slow down.

That doesn’t mean I am staying in Singapore past this week. It is Singapore after all.

2 thoughts on “2.5 weeks in

  1. i think the only real cure for that restlessness is to engage with a local…

    the last time i was travelling, i realised that all the tourists around me were not so much travelling to see the world, but were on their own personal journeys to find themselves. people will remind you of yourself again. =)

  2. Hey Tien,

    I didn’t realise you’d already left the country – i’d hoped to catch u b4 u did in melbourne, but i’ve been very disorganised. I saw Annie and she told me you and jen were in sgpoore.

    Hope yr having fun there and in malaysia, ‘little india’ will be a good prep for the ‘big’ real one!!

    I’ve been ok but somewhat chaotic. Am currently in melbourne, working for an org called Moreland Hall, they’re a drug/alcohol agency, doing comms and f/raising work. They’re good org, and it’s a good job (managerial), but quite a bit of responsibility. Have also found housing diff here in melb as due to housing crisis, all is very $$ and v competitive. But hopefully i move in to my place by end of dec. Until now i’ve been too disorg and busy to contact people. Am also missing Paul quite a bit, tho he’s coming over in feb to see me.

    Anyway, sorri i didn’t see you b4 u left but have a great time and keep me posted on your news!



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