Travelling tech talk – or how to get by with a 2 sq inch screen

I went to one of those tech shopping centres that appear to be only possible in South East Asia and bought myself an infrared foldup keyboard for my PDA phone thus increasing my output bandwidth to roughly 20 bps. So now, it appears that I can do most of my computiing on my O2 provided I get wifi. I’ve also got skype so that will cover most of my telco costs when I hit wifi hotspots – really all wifi mobile phones should have skype.

But all that technology setup is only as good as wifi coverage. I can store a paltry 600 megs of text and photos before I need to upload but seeing as most of the capitals in asia will have reasonable wifi coverage, I should be able to avoid interrnet cafes for much of the time.

Singapore certainly has good wfi coverage not that i’ve needed it as we’re staying with a friend of SG’s who lives in a very expensive apartment building in the city. Check out my flickr site for some photos of the swimming pool. There’s also an entire floor of spas, steam rooms and gyms. Best of all, there’s internet access in the apartments and SG’s friend has wifi.

So that’s good. Oh, and Singapore is nice too. I haven’t just been spending all my time on the net. There are photos to prove it.

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