Last day

After nearly 5 years, I’m leaving the corporate IT world and hopefully for good.

I first joined the company in Darwin after deciding that I needed to prove to myself that all those years of university education were not wasted and that I could make a go of it in a corporate environment again.  I’m not sure I’ve proven it to myself. Certainly, as I look back on the five years, I think more about things I could have done better and the mistakes I have made rather than the positives. I keep the spin for my CV where it belongs.

However, I no longer feel the same urge I had before, the same sense of something unfulfilled in this part of life so I guess either I have proven something to myself or I have moved on so that it is no longer as important.  I can survive and maybe even add some value in a corporation (even if it is a small one).

The most immediate impact on my life from leaving the job at this stage (besides the disappearance of an income) is that my internet access will not be as regular. I will still be writing my blog off line on my pda but how often I update will depend on whether there is wifi around or an internet cafe that accepts USB file transfer.

I still have another week in Melbourne and then a couple of weeks in Brisbane so there’ll be a couple of updates at least before then but today seemed like a good day to blog about.

One thought on “Last day

  1. So what kind of work will you do now?

    I was sorry to not catch you before you left, I know we don’t really know each other that well, but..

    anyway, bon voyage..


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