Another filled skip

Another filled skip

Originally uploaded by jonckher

on Saturday, I organised a working bee for my place. One of the products of that day is another filled skip.As you can see, that is actually a very filled skip but it didnt stop some smart aleck from driving by and dumping some moldy carpet on top of it. This time, I actually managed to catch him in the act as I was just pulling in at that time.

“Hey mate, that’s my bloody skip,” I called out the window, double parking against him so as to block him from driving off. He paled, shrugged apologetically and somehow managed to squeeze his car out. I was berating myself for not blocking in him enough so that I could give him a sound trashing when I looked at the amount he had dumped and realised it wasnt that much. Actually with a bit of shifting, the carpet settled quite nicely into a nook I hadnt seen previously.

So I felt a bit shamefaced at making such a big scene over something so little. Still judging from the fear on his face when I was yelling at him, I bet there’s one less irresponsible rubbish dumper around on the streets.

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