The house has won (again)

What with having to build a new wooden patio for the front verandah (the old one is cracked to bits and doesnt come to the house), getting the floorboards polished and a myriad of other expenses (such as blinds), I’ve discovered that my travel budget is shot. I’ll be lucky to get away with 10k.

I’d made the resolution some months earlier that the house having won would get as much money as it needed but I always harboured a small hope that it would be gracious in victory. To be fair, the house has behaved quite well, it’s my other expenses including travel insurance and tax that has stretched me.

So, I decided to do the only rational thing. In spite of not really knowing how much rent I’m going to get on the place and if it’ll meet my current mortgage responsibilities, I’ve gone back to the bank and borrowed more money.

It was surprisingly easy to do. All I needed was a phone call. They asked me in all seriousness how much I would conservatively value the price of my house now. I gave them in all seriousness, a conservative figure. And voila, 3 days later, they’ve approved my loan request with nary a revaluation of my property or any fees or any additional interest. All I need to do is sign the paper, get a stat dec and pop down to my local bank branch.

This either means either my conservative revaluation was truly conservative or that they’re giving money out hand-over-fist to anyone and everyone.

I now regret not asking for more money. And nobody mention the word “over-extended”.

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