10,000 hits today

This blog just got to 10k hits today.

About a third of this sudden growth is to do with my entry on Warbook, a simple multiplayer strategy game on Facebook which as i write this is still averaging 150 odd hits per day. If nothing else, this has thought me a couple of lessons about the internet – get in early if you want to be popular and; practical tips are more interesting to the majority than ramblings about one’s relationship and the occasional parties one attends.

I was one of the earlier players of warbook and possibly the earliest to be geeky enough to blog about strategy. Because I was there first, people who would otherwise have written one didnt need to. Because I was there first and got the hits first, google listed me pretty high from the start. This in turn meant I got more hits.

These are standard network effects – the tendency for success to breed success, for popularity to breed popularity. It’s nice to be have it happen even if it is for something pretty useless. Who knows, some of the people passing through may even like my writing on other stuff and keep reading on about my life. Now that’s a little bit disturbing…

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