odd positions

bird nest at fitzroy pool

Originally uploaded by jonckher

i was swimming at the fitzroy pool the other day and noted that the magpie’s nest on the shade cloth strut now held two or three baby chicks, old enough to be almost falling out.

The nest isnt that far off the ground, maybe 3 meters or so and sits right next to the busy end of the pool. To my eyes it appeared very exposed. But it was in the shade and I couldnt see how a cat could get up there and the bird had obviously decided that humans as they engaged in their strange bathing habits were harmless. In fact, hardly anyone seemed to look up or notice the nest so in that aspect, the magpie had the measure of us.

Anyway, I took a photo of the nest. Looking at the size of the chicks, it wont be long before they leave, perhaps in time to build other nests on shade-struts at public swimming pools.

One thought on “odd positions

  1. i read recently an article by a Magpie
    enthusiast ( obviously not a red head)that magpies are happy to build nests anywhere but make sure of what is around them on the time of building and then alas any new thing that enters there domain is likely to be hunted and pecked. so i suspect bathers ducking for cover
    will be those who havent been to the pool recently!

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