another bicycle to the graveyard

after a sore night, i woke to a stiff thigh and shoulder but with movement in both. i did go to a doctor to get it all checked out, i needed to go anyway for an unrelated matter and i’m pretty much ok. so that’s good.

the person who knocked me down had very concerned parents, concerned that i was going to sue them for damages. to be fair, it seemed that most of that concern came from the mother – i could hear her anxious voice expressing numerous fears of my trustworthiness as an accident victim in the background of my phone conversations with both the son and father. However their son was so crestfallen and apologetic, and the father so embarrassed and browbeaten, that i hastened to assure the whole family (after being given a clean bill of health by my doctor) that i had no intention of claiming anything more than the cost of replacing my bicycle which comes up to around $400.

at my suggestion that a statement would provide them with some assurance that I would not become litigatious, they came by today with the money and a piece of paper I read through and signed after which I shook hands with both father and son and bid them good luck.

I’m actually pretty happy with the outcome. I’d had my bike for a year or so now and being such a cheap bike, it was heavy (having a steel frame) and it was starting to rust in bits. Plus, I can salvage the rear wheel which is good still, the tyres, the rear rack and assorted bits and pieces.

Also, with the trip coming up, the bike would just have got put in storage and I would not have been able to sell it for $400.

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