the phone survived

but my bicycle didn’t.

i’m writing this lying at home with a bag of frozen peas on my right thigh. a car pulled in front of me as I was coming down a hill on my bicycle. considering the speed I was going at and the fact that I went over the bonnet, somehow smashing the driver’s window in the process (but landing on my feet), i’m feeling pretty lucky that i’m not more seriously injured.

the trip, the renovations, my work stress and all my plans for the next few weeks could have been severely affected then or worse.

2 thoughts on “the phone survived

  1. As a cyclist, you have my sympathy. You’re obviously hurt to some degree – how bad is it?

    It does sound like you got off lightly, thankfully.

  2. a couple of minor scrapes and some heavy bruising. My right thigh is quite heavily bruised and i had difficulty putting weight on it. it is very stiff this morning but i can hobble around. My left arm and elbow is bruised and stiff but useable. My back is a little sore as well but that could have been from sleeping poorly last night.

    I do feel very lucky however. It could have been much worse.

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