glasses and phases

Since coming to australia, i’ve owned 3 pairs of glasses.

The first pair had round rimmed tortoiseshell frames. I chose them for purely practical reasons. As they were large, I could not see the rims when I put them on. As there were no nose cushions (the rims rested on my face directly), the weight was distributed well and so were comfortable. I did not care that they, along with my barber haircut, made me look like a complete dork. I was arrogant enough back then that I thought appearences counted for nothing.

I clippered my hair to no.2, grew a goatee and got rid of those glasses after my first major relationship failed. I replaced them with grey wire frame oval rimmed kenzos that cost way more than it should. However, they did survive eight years of travail not the least of which was a trip around australia. I would probably still be wearing them if not for a boxing day party two years ago at ceres when i stood on them after taking them off to kiss a girl.

By then i had dreads, was single and bought an even more absurdly priced pair from i-spex, a fancy glasses shop in collingwood. my ex helped me choose them. They were a flat long rectangular silver framed pair and worth every penny. I wore them to trance parties and flirted through them. I wore them into the river at confest and miraculously found them amongst the mud and submerged branches. Last week, i lost them in the NSW surf and was not so lucky.

I went back to i-spex today and asked if they had another like it. It was a once off, they said with sympathy. I hadn’t expected much else, even if my own foolishness was to blame, i was already reading a deal of significance into the whole event. It felt like the marking of the end of another phase in my life with the beginning of the next still to come.

and so, i am wearing the grey metal pair again. I got an optometrist to put a new foot on it for five dollars (there being only one side that can be attached, the left having snapped off). they will do until i find something in india or africa.

2 thoughts on “glasses and phases

  1. I was interested to read about your glasses adventures and misadventures. I hope you’re not still getting around in those broken, repaired kenzos! Please call in sometime and see us…we’ll get you into something gorgeous again…and thanks for the nice comments about i spex.

  2. i’ve taken the liberty of moving your comment to the glasses and phases entry. Also, you have a fantastic memory!

    thanks for commenting on my blog – it’s always nice to see how the web can make these little connections.


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