The beach and the bellingen global carnival

the bellingen global carnival was well organised, had a fantastic market and food area, a great main stage and beautiful atmospheric decorations that rivalled rainbow serpent. But the music just wasn’t that good.

I’d pretty much decided that folk and world music festivals aren’t my thing. Trying to dance to afro-funk fusion bands that played every night at woodford two years ago had scarred me forever. just as you get into the groove, some muso has to start improvising. Still, I expected to enjoy the music more than I did.

in comparison, hi-vibes had more variety and i guess in my heart, i am still a rock n roll, trance or reggae music person.

But I wasn’t there for the music anyway. I was there to spend some time with jackie. the camp site she’d chosen by the beach, some 20 minutes to the festival was great. It’s just a pity that looking back at it now, i think just hanging out at the beach would have been better.

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