what not to pack in your daypack

the last few years of travelling with computerised reliable luggage handling in australia has made me complacent. I’d forgotten the first rule of travel. The importance of one’s belongings should be reflected in their proximity to one’s self.

and so it was that I discovered myself in brisbane about to cover 1000 or so km of coast, camping most of the time with nothing but a leather satchel containing 5 dvds of compressed music, a hat, an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, a notepad and pen, a pack of tarot cards (rider-waite), a leaky sigg water-bottle and a toiletary bag. Fortunately i had my jacket and boots on.

In retrospect it wasnt too bad and it would have made for an eventful if stressful holiday. However, i would have been a lot happier if i also had a spare change of underwear, a thermal top and most importantly a phone recharger. all of these things could have been obtained but i was kicking myself for not having them in my carryon bag in the first place.

SG while sympathetic was not overly concerned. Her overnight bag which was almost as heavy as my missing backpack had pretty much everything one needed for a trip to the antartica including a downfilled therma-rest. I envied her relaxed state and started thinking about replacing my satchel with a voluminous light-weight pack. i’d at least have room for some juggling balls that way.

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