seven days in the north

I’m going to be heading up to Brisbane next week for a break. It’s actually going to be quite a packed week. 

I’ll be dropping in at SG’s brother for a night (SG is going to be there viewing her new niece) then heading up to my ex’s nature wilderness retreat to hang out there for a couple of nights before driving down with her and her partner to pick SG up from Brisbane. From there, the whole lot of us will drive down to Armidale to visit Jackie. My ex and her partner will continue down to Newcastle while Jackie, SG and myself head to the Bellingen music festival for the weekend.

I’m quite looking forward to it. I havent visited Jackie in Armidale for quite awhile and havent seen her house either. And being at the Bellingen music festival with SG and Jackie will be really nice.

I’m also looking forward to this weekend. I’ll be heading to Carni on Saturday for a PBS dj feast which seems to feature mainly reggae DJs. I might head to Pressure Drop after but i’ll more likely go home as the next day will be the High Street Music Festival, surely the best street festival in Melbourne. It will be packed and I will be nostalgic. I havent missed a single High Street Festival and was there from the start. No doubt with a couple of pots in me I’ll be telling that to everyone who’ll listen.

“mate”, I’ll say, “you think this is good but it was much better when it was smaller. just locals y’know.”

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