earthdance again

it did rain after all but not before we had a fine day in the natural amphitheater of the Collingwood Children’s Farm next to the river and circled by trees.

and it was a great turnout too. Most of the familiar faces from every outdoor trance party in the past year were there even if it struck me that in these scenes, those that do not show are rarely missed except by their closer friends.

sitting there in the sun with SG, i found myself missing a number of my friends. Probably half of my group were not there, off travelling, moved interstate, just busy or away somewhere. And it came home to me again as the afternoon went by and the wind shifted to the south bringing rain, as the sun set and it got colder as the music got harder, that these parties are no fun without my friends and that i do not really have much time left to get to know them better.

I didnt have as much scorn in me this year for the hippies partying to save the world. I even sat through a fashion show which had a message of some sort concealed beneath layers of makeup. Earthdance and the hippy party scene, even if it’s importance to me has changed into nothing more than a picnic with friends, will always have a special place in my heart.

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