Various departure dates set

SG booked us a couple of one-way tickets to Singapore on Monday. My departure dates, in reverse chronological order follows. We’re leaving on the 1st December from Brisbane. Flying up to Brisbane on the 17th November. My last day at work is the 9th November. There’s not a lot of time left but rather than write about that, I’ll write about the difficulties of purchasing one-way airline tickets in this day and age.

Some countries while not expecting you to show evidence of onward travel when going by land, may expect to see some form of evidence that you do intend to depart when you arrive in the airport. This is usually in the form of inspecting a ticket out – whether by air or ferry or any other means. Seeing as we intend to head overland and have as open an itinery as possible, we werent quite sure how this would work out. My plan was to just front up with our backpacks looking like wealthy developed country travellers and plead ignorance if asked. SG was understandably not quite so impressed by this approach.

Not surprisingly, travel agents are quite used to people like us, and Flight Centre which turned out to be the cheapest was most helpful. It turns out that they can create for us a passive itinery which cost no money but indicates quite clearly our intentions of leaving the country and hopping from one place to another. To the immigration officer eye, this looks identical to a real itinery which costs real money.

It makes sense from the travel agents point of view. It is more likely that we will call them (or email them) if we want other flights booked and it got them business from us.

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