warbook reaching past its peak

EDIT: This post if out of date and will not be updated.

from the hits on my post about warbook, the game certainly seems to be popular but having been part of the game now for 2 weeks, it feels that with bugs, performance problems and a number of now quite widely known ways of cheating, the game has reached past its peak. Some of the more established players, having got to around level 15 and above have quit, the game having either lost its challenge (and thus novelty) or because of the success of cheaters in it.

Even without the cheaters, I cant see the game lasting that long. The essence of its play is quite simple and resembles a pyramid. The stronger players feed off the weaker players. There’s little reason to fight to the death as this leaves you vulnerable to more attackers of weaker strength. Those who can either avoid retaliation (hence holding on to their strength) and there are a few methods to do this (some legal, some not so), tend to rise to the top. Actually, those who have the most time on their hands tend to also do well.

Anyway, I cant see myself being interested for much longer. And that is a good thing. However, I’m now more interested in other online strategy games (such as Utopia by Swirve – very similar to warbook but much more complex and a lot older). And that is a very bad thing indeed.

Update 5/10/2007

Well, a few weeks later and i’m still intermittently playing.

The number of exploits and cheaters in the game are so high that I keep expecting it to die off in popularity but this does not seem to be happening. Instead, the hits on this page and my other strategy / tips page is totalling to around 140 or so a day – which can only indicate that there are a lot of new players joining.

The tone of the warbook forum has also remained consistent. Most of the players on it air various dissatisfactions either with cheaters or with people who abuse various unwritten protocols of behaviour or with game rules that do not suit them. The players have a point though – the problem of balance and playability has not been solved (especially with regard to players that have assisted each other in leveling up). Still I do not know how the game administrators put up with the constant complaints – I would have long ago abandoned the forum.

However, one area that can certainly be improved is game administrator communications to the community. It is difficult to find out what rules have changed in an update and when the next update (along with planned changes) are due. The discussion room format prepared by Facebook is just not good for presenting static information. Threads are too quickly buried.

Even though I am still looking on, I predict that unless some changes are put in place (and I do not know what they are), warbook will not be around next year.

9 thoughts on “warbook reaching past its peak

  1. Haha. Was doing a search on warbook/utopia because when i dloaded warbook, i found it oddly familiar to utopia which i used to play. It’s been ages but utopia was much more engaging really..

  2. I played Utopia 4-5 years ago and spend alot of time and even became king a couple of times playing mage. But with Utopia you really need a kingdom where most of the players are logged on most of the time Warbook seems little more layed back. Ofcourse Utopia was more complex and better in most ways, but Warbook is ok. But I will surely lose interest sooner or later. My life with work and family does not allow games like this 🙂

  3. I’m sorry for cheating (not really). Cheating was a lot funner than playing it legit. Warbook is one of the few games I’ve played in which cheating was much more satisfying than grabbing land at a snail’s pace and having to deal with d-bag mages with overpowered spells.

  4. Warbook is strangely addictive, but I agree completely with your sentiments. The mechanics of the game involve the rich feeding off the poor. I would like to see what will happen when the supply of new players (and new land!) dries up.

  5. Heh… I didn’t know there were ways to cheat on it, mainly because I started playing yesterday, but this games has a lot of bugs, the white screen is annoying, and also the amount of money you can get by inviting friends and then clicking on send numerous times before the screen goes down is retarded, the game is fun, if not a little mind numbing, but meh

  6. Warbook lives on! I am a regular player, along with all my friends. The exploits and cheats have been filtered out to some degree, but some fundamental design flaws in the game allow cheating to continue. Long live Warbook!
    Hamish (or AutoGiggz to you warbookers out there)

  7. Warbook has finally almost completely died about 6 months ago… when the mana stopped working, now there is just a few people who were afraid to play the game like a war game, feeding up acres and producing useless gold. Meh..

    Was the greatest text based game ever in my honest opinion.

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