the holy cow chai tent

The holy cow chai tent is one of the mainstays of the outdoor party scene in melbourne. You can see it at confest, at rainbow serpent, at earthcore and even at the st kilda night market in summer. Over the years at confest and the year or so of being in the trance scene, it’s become pretty much a home away from home for me and I’ve gotten to know the very friendly and lovely owners, Colin and Twid, well enough to stop for a quick hug, a chat and to catch up on what has been happening between parties and festivals. There’s even a photo of me on their website and looking quickly through the gallery, it looks like there’s a fair number of my friends there too.

With the party season about to start again and with the weather warming, renovations notwithstanding, i’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit. It looks like with Earthdance, Maya and Phonoscope all happening within a few weeks, I’ll get a couple of outdoor parties in before I go.

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