the house has won

Surrendering can be such a relief sometimes.

i’ve given up on the idea of a fixed budget and departure date.

Actually, I’ve got no choice in that matter. i got home yesterday and discovered that the lead paint “specialist” strippers with their high pressure cleaning equipment had blasted lead paint everywhere including into the house.  It’s only because SG had very quickly sealed the doors and windows that not more damage was done inside. the outside garden is covered in flecks of paint.

Also, the gas had gone out as had the power.

There’s a scene in the Tom Hanks movie, “The Money Pit”, where he loses it entirely. I could relate very strongly to that yesterday.

Anyway, I’ve decided that what needs to be done, will need to be done – I’m still going to try to keep a hold on expenditure – no throwing money at things but I’m not going to shirk from getting things done because of stressing about the travel budget.

The aim now is to get the house ready such that if I do decide to sell it down the track, most of it will be ready to go.

This means, in order of priority, the following:

  • the outside walls – now stripped back (sort of) will be painted – 1 primer – maybe 2 overcoats
  • a front wooden patio will be built over the current buckled concrete and tiles
  • the floorboards will be sanded and a good lasting sealant applied
  • the termite ridden backshed will be demolished and replaced with a new shed
  • a new front fence will be built (although this may be dropped off)

There will no doubt be other surprises.

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