lead-paint, asbestos and termites

and dont forget the busted waterpipe in the front garden this morning.

Everybody knows renovations are a strain and a stress.

Renovations with a fixed budget because of travel plans (now shifted to mid-november) are even worse. Every little surprise which costs more money means having less of a travel budget. Renovations when i am working in a job that is also very stressful not only creates ulcers but also threatens relationships.

Fortunately, SG has been near saintly in putting up with me although that was sorely put to the test last night. I think we’ve survived although i’m not quite sure in what form.

This morning, in addition to the lead paint hazard of the outside walls, we also found that the laundry shed is sheathed in asbestos and that the backshed which I’ve been intending to use as a storage shed for my stuff is termite ridden along one of the outside architraves.  Fortunately the storage shed is a long distance from the property although now that i’m writing this, I am recalling with a sinking sensation that the skirting boards and the architraves were stored in that shed for quite some time.

So it seems now that we may have to get in a termite inspection to go with the asbestos remover.

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