On saturday night i went to a party at a friend’s house. It could be that i havent been out for a long time but it was the best party i’d been to for months. I havent really been catching up with friends in those two circles for awhile and i managed to see quite a number of people i hadnt seen. I discovered that I’d been missing them too, in the way that you can feel such things in retrospect and resolved to organise to see them more often.

I also discovered that I might be developing an ulcer.

It seems that the damage stress from work is doing to me is not just to my social life. Fortunately, R had some antacids and the pain subsided after a couple of hours. I havent really had such a bad attack before and am still feeling occasional uneasiness now.

This morning, as I was cycling to work, I thought about a a school mate of mine who had committed suicide by swallowing weedkiller. It must be twenty two years since Kong died and I probably think about him once a year or so. He wasnt really a friend – in fact, I didnt really like him much. If not for the fact that he agonisingly clung on for a couple of weeks after and had a death bed conversion to christianity, i doubt i would remember him now. Still, I feel sorry for him whenever i do think about it and wonder still why he did it as I never did find out.

Anyway, this phase of the project is coming to an end this week and I’m looking forward to that.

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