1.3 billion is a fair swag

I was thinking about china today and how even though i’d never been there, there’s a part of me that will always think of myself as chinese and that that part like metal filings to a magnet will always feel a pull to the weight of china and its 1.3 billion.

it’s not just the mass of people, it’s also the culture and history, or rather the myth of both and the irrational feeling that even though I know very little about either and have cast away much that was instilled in me, the reverse is not true. Like it or not, that much mass of time, memory and blood has its own momentum.

I am sure the mainland chinese do not feel this. Within the country, differences of appearance, dialect, culture and geography must dominate.

It must be something that only the minority overseas chinese must feel, born as they are in exile.

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