First facebook, now twitter. It seems to be the week of jumping on bandwagons.

Twitter intrigues me. I can now send via SMS ($0.35 per update to the +44 UK twitter number), googletalk or plain old web, 140 character updates to my twitter site any time i want to.  I’ve popped a RSS Feed property on this blog to my Twitter feed.

This means that I could start writing short pithy updates of what I’m currently doing (as opposed to these long rambling entries about what I was doing), I could post witty one-liners as they occur to me, I could compose haikus with each line being less than 140 characters, I could abuse twitter and my wallet by writing long rants in movies right there and then, I could write incomprehensible entries in txtspeak (eg: 10q 4 yr 🙂 ) or alternatively I could just not do anything much at all with it and eventually remove the RSS widget from this blog say about 4 weeks from now.

Given that I can update my blog now whenever I want to using my PDA and GPRS, I think the last option is probably the most likely.

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