the perils of facebook

I havent been on Facebook very long and am still not decided about it.

After Orkut, Friendster and even Livejournal, I’ve decided that all those social networking things are a bit of a waste of time and effort. Facebook of course has very good photo album functionality but I’m sticking with Flickr. Anyway, I did join Facebook and through its insidious spam function and corresponding network effects, I found myself with a small network of my own.

All well and good.

However, as networks often go, a couple of workmates through some circuitous means also found me and after receiving (and accepting) a couple of invites  I suddenly found myself with another few more invites from other workmates.

Now I maintain quite a strict policy of compartmentalizing my worklife from my social (read real) life. My blog is public domain and I do not care who reads its (in fact, I’m happy for everyone to read it) but for me, this blog is really a form of self-publication, pretty much one-way communication. I rarely respond to comments (though I do read them).  I have control over its content. Facebook through its network function has links to friends and their activities which I have no control over and it does an admirable job of capturing and displaying much of it.

Hence, I decided to reject all overtures of network connections with work related or even potentially work related people and indeed dropped the two that I have accepted from my list. Work related networks can occur through Linkedin – as is only proper.

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