MIFF 2007

The Melbourne International Film Festival starts tomorrow. For some reason, I tend to have very high standards for myself when I go to the MIFF. Usually and especially of late, I watch anything that requires close to zero brain power but come the MIFF, I turn my nose up at anything that isnt a documentary, topical and is not made by a paranoid lunatic with a saw to grind. I do however generally make exceptions for Asian films – especially Japanese and Hong Kong films – seeing as so few of those ever hit the arthouse circuit.

This year, the MIFF has a focus on African films which is a very nice coincidence for me. So I’ll very likely go to many of them. Looking at the other films in the program though, I must say that if it wasnt for the African films, I cant see if I would go to many at all. But then, I guess that’s part of the reason why the MIFF is so popular – even if there not every film is going to appeal, there’s definately something for everyone there.

I’m planning to watch the following:

Fri, 27th of July
9:15 PM Forum BUNNY CHOW (95 mins)    
Sat, 28th of July
10:45 AM Forum RETURN TO GOREE (112 mins)    
Mon, 30th of July
5:00 PM ACMI Saba Flouss (18 mins)
DREAMS OF DUST (86 mins)
Tue, 31st of July
7:00 PM ACMI Menged (21 mins)
Thu, 02nd of August
3:00 PM Forum NIGHT OF TRUTH, THE (100 mins)    
Fri, 03rd of August
5:00 PM ACMI Perversions (10 mins)
Sat, 04th of August
10:45 AM Forum CONGO RIVER: BEYOND DARKNESS (120 mins)    
7:10 PM Regent HOME SONG STORIES, THE (103 mins)  
Sun, 05th of August
11:00 AM Forum WAITING FOR HAPPINESS (96 mins)    
Mon, 06th of August
5:10 PM Regent DRY SEASON (93 mins)
I Want To Be A Pilot (12 mins)
Tue, 07th of August
5:15 PM Greater Union WE ARE TOGETHER (88 mins)
Sankambe (5 mins)
Thu, 09th of August
7:30 PM Forum PAPRIKA (90 mins)