more fire returns

On Saturday Night, i went to the regular monthly reggae night at Brown Alley hosted by stalwarts Jesse I and Ras Crucial, More Fire, and was pleasantly surprised. I’d been getting more and more disappointed with More Fire ever since the move from Deep11 to Brown Alley. Even though the music, a mixture of roots and dancehall reggae, had not changed with the shift of venue, the space had changed the night. Brown Alley’s main dancefloor space downstairs was just too big and the crowd always seemed a bit lost, scattered over three different spaces. True, Deep11 was huge but the main floor downstairs provided the concentrated focus that kept the atmosphere alive and pumping.

On Saturday night, More Fire was moved up to the top floor of Brown Alley, a smaller single space with low ceilings, the DJ stand at one end and the bar at the other. Very dark with huge speakers and deep bass, the crowd probably wasnt any bigger than usual but the dancefloor was packed and it made a difference. The type of crowd also made a difference. The last few times I’d been, there hadnt been many african people or rastas at More Fire.  That had flattened the night. For some reason, possibly because it was More Fire’s Halle Selassie birthday celebration (23/7/1892), the crowd felt much more like the old crowd at Deep 11 and it felt like the old Deep11 More Fire nights.

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