flickr photos on blog widget too

when i got my o2, i took a fair number of photos but the problem was that i never knew what to do with them except to save them on my laptop. over the last few weeks, i’ve started jumping on the flickr bandwagon – ok i am a slow adopter. so the process now is, 02 usb transfer to laptop, laptop via flickr agent to flickr, flickr via post to blog function to wordpress. Of course, I could go directly from 02 to flickr but it takes too long and is too costly (unless I find a wifi hotspot).

Anyway, I’ve put a flickr widget on wordpress so that a window of photos I’ve taken is available for those interested (and not just the photos I’ve chosen to blog with).

I’m not too sure how this all going to work when I travel – I guess it’ll have to be internet cafes or wifi hotspot areas.

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