070707 warehouse party

070707 warehouse party

Originally uploaded by jonckher

With the new non-smoking laws in place in Victoria, patrons can no longer smoke indoors in licensed venues which means that all nightclubs, bars and pubs are effectively non-smoking. This is a big relief for me because I dont smoke and have dreads which tend to trap smoke very effectively. Unfortunately, most of the parties I enjoy going arent in venues and are more often than not on the semi-legal, semi-private side of things. For example, on Saturday night, I went to one in a warehouse in Brunswick which, inspired by the date, was running from 7pm to 7am and was meant to charge $7 at the door.

There’s a collection of warehouses in Brunswick that are ideal for dance parties and have been hosting them for quite some time until a tragic incident last year saw someone die from falling out of a window. There was a brief media flurry after which the whole area quietened down. This is the first party I’ve been too in that area (and no – it wasnt in the same warehouse) since then. There might have been parties there but I havent heard of them.

Anyway, given that it was as good a party as the trance scene generally throws but as usual these days, I found myself sitting around bored with the music and the crowd and complaining about the smokiness. I did manage to catchup with a fair number of people I hadnt seen since rainbow and that was good and I did manage to spend a bit of time on the dance-floor but I also feel asleep in a couch at some point and woke up wondering why I was still there. So, even though I would have liked to hear Simon Slieker play later that morning, I was already too tired and left.

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