Trance hippies and fetishists

Last saturday night, i went to Abode in St Kilda. The night was a Confessional / Transcendence double but I skipped the locked-down S&M/fetish portion of it (Confessional) and turned up after the doors had reopened for when the club reverts back into something more mainstream – or at least as mainstream as a place like abode can get.  That portion, Transcendence, advertised itself as a trance night.

The night was interesting because it had two sub-cultures I’d never quite expected to see in the same room – the S&M/fetishists and the trance hippies. I’d known that was happening for a while because some of my trance hippie friends had started talking about abode but seeing it was quite different.

For example at some point in the night, I noticed that on the dance floor, a duo of dread-locked hippies were bouncing along to the beat while right next to them, a guy in a thong kneels and is spanked enthusiastically by a woman clad in her underwear. A couple in ragtag feral wear do contact-impro – that elegant touch dance much loved by hippies, while at the sidelines, a woman in a tight blue dress unzips it down to her waist and extracts a breast for the viewing pleasure of a large fat middle-aged man with a very red face. As part of the acts, a couple of fire-twirlers I’ve seen around the traps jumps on and do a fire-show complete with fire-breathing while a leather clad trio sit on a vinyl sofa next to the dance-floor and is soon told off by the bar staff for engaging in another form of oral activity.

Still, I had a good time with SG and our friends there and another night there (the sound system is excellent) would be fun.

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