Howard’s intervention (3)

Why is it that so many blog entries in the blogosphere end up of consisting nothing but links to other blog entries (which also tend to contain links)?

Because sometimes, a gem stands out so much that that’s the only response one can have.

Here’s a very considered article about the intervention that stands out as being positive and enlightening and without any of the very boring knee-jerk (if well deserved) anti-Howard rhetoric. I promise it has no other links within it.

It’s written by David Coles.

David Coles left government 2 years ago as Executive Director Local Government and Regional Development with the Northern territory government and over his time in public service managed the Indigenous Housing program and led the DCM Aboriginal Development Branch as well as being a senior Ministerial Officer to the CLP Minister for Health and Community Services at one stage. David was also appointed in May 2006 by current NT Chief Minister Clare Martin as co-ordinator of government responses for the Wadeye community in the wake of the major riots there, which in considerable part (along with Dr Nanette Rogers’ revelations on ABC Lateline) stimulated the current national focus on matters indigenous in the Northern Territory.”

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