sharing and non-sharing

i was having dinner last night with jackie and her sister sara when sara said something that struck a chord of recognition in me. they were talking about someone they knew who was had a lot of social ability, was very interested in other people, was very articulate and personable, was interested in conversing at a deep intimate level and yet at the same time left people feeling disconnected.

“she only ever shares that which she’s no longer emotionally attached to,” sara said.

To a certain extent, this is something we all do and I certainly do more of it than less in my relationships but the main reason why it rang a chord with me was because that’s what i do on this blog. Even if some of my entries may come across as quite personal, I’ve already done the processing and come to a conclusion.

In fact, writing an entry is often the process itself and clicking the publish key has become more than just symbolic of letting it go.

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