the insidious attraction of loyalty programs

After years of combating it, just prior to the Darwin trip, i finally succumbed to the lure of Frequent Flyer points.

Now that I’ve done it I do wish that I’ve joined up earlier. All those points I have missed, all the potential free flights I could have boarded. Anyway, better late than never.

The thing about Frequent Flyers of course is that it doesnt end there. My bank also provides a credit card that can earn Frequent Flyer points. I’ve also been resisting this because my current credit card has no annual fee whereas any such loyalty program card does.

But the lure of earning points that are redeemable for frequent flyer points has proved too strong seeing as I do all of my expenditure on credit card if I can help it and from my last calculation, if I’ve been on a rewards program since I got my credit card two and a bit years ago, I’d probably be able to fly to the US on those points by now.

So I’ve now spent a total of $180 on joining fees for the qantas frequent flyer program and my bank’s credit card. I’m trying to think of this as an investment but even though the sums do work out I cant help but feel that I’ve just been had.

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