nightcliff jetty

On my last evening in Darwin, I went out to the nighcliff jetty and walked around the rocky shore. As with most other places that i’d visited this time, it is inextricably woven in with memories of my ex. The high northern tide was coming in as I sat out on the point, thinking about the past, watching yet another beautiful Territory sunset.

Clouds had crept in overnight and now covered much of the sky. It had been a surprisingly humid day and i’d heard a local say that it felt like the buildup. With its takeaway van, picnic tables, long shaded park and bicycle path along the ocean, Nightcliff jetty is strictly a local hangout. We used to ride out on our bikes to watch the sunset, eat fish and chips and clamber over the characteristically red edged rocks of that area. On a particularly memorable evening of a local Darwin holiday, cracker night, we’d ridden through palm trees wreathed by clouds of gunpowder as rockets streaked across the bikepath, as flowers of fire bloomed in the night sky over Rapid Creek.

We’d not been together for very long at that time. I wasn’t thinking much about the future. I’d left my past behind in melbourne and everything about Darwin – my life there, my new relationship – was a blank page, free of memories, full of possibilities.

I thought about this as I sat on the rocks watching the modest city lights across the bay getting brighter, feeling the salty air get heavier on my skin. Some local children, brown and slick as otters laughed as they played in the water. Eventually I got up, took another photo and left.

nightcliff kids

Originally uploaded by jonckher

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